Our Gym Etiquette

Hello CFO members, visitors, drop-ins, and especially to our members-to-be!  As we hope to make your experience at CrossFit Oviedo memorable for all the right reasons, we put together a small list of things you should remember, or an 'etiquette' if you will, while working out with us.  As we welcome you into our family please remember the following tips:

Be on time
Please respect our coaches and fellow athletes’  time and be ready for class.  If you come in late you take away minutes from other people trying to catch you up.  Best rule is be ready 5 minutes before class.

Introduce Yourself to Others
I mean c'mon, people are trying to change their lives to better themselves and it can be intimidating at times to see another athlete lifting, jumping, running, etc., at higher levels than you.  Introduce yourself to others and be cordial and polite to each other.

You're Not Done Working Out
First to finish the workout stays and cheers the last person standing, same for the second, and so on.  It sometimes stinks being the last one to finish, we've all been there and while it can be discouraging, it helps to have people cheer us on and help us through the mental block of finishing last.

Practice Your Ninja Focus
Don't be that guy or gal that uses gym chalk to mark reps on rigs, floors, or walls because you can't remember your progress.  We like to focus on coaching you and not worry about who's going to have to clean up your criss-cross chalk marks all over the place.  Use our personal chalk boards or bring you own counting device.  

Clean After Yourself
Don't just 'show up to blow up'.  After you're done with equipment, take a couple of minutes to wipe your area and any equipment you used.  Leaving DNA around for others to scoop up and pass onto others is not very sanitary, nor fair to others.  This goes for bathrooms as well.  

We Allow Pets
We love our four-legged friends but love people even more so please be prepared to leash them to a fixture out of the way of others completing legendary workouts.  Remember, some people may be allergic to pet dander etc.  NO PET HAWKS, FALCONS, OR OTHER BIRDS OF PREY.  You'd be surprised...

Take it Home
As workouts progress, some feel the need to remove t-shirts, wrist straps, weight belts, and shoes.  Please manage these items, as they will be removed from the premises if left behind.

Check That Ego
Not to be confused with self-respect, any over inflated egos will be asked to dial it down.  Please be kind to equipment (i.e. NO DROPPING OF EMPTY BARBELLS) and more importantly be kind to others.  Respect the staff coaches, they are there to keep you safe and motivate you.  

Love Thy Weightlifting Members
Some of us that are performing and practicing lifts by USAW standards require a level of concentration, so keep the karaoke performances at a minimum.
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